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Title: Comparative efficacy of vaccination and medication against induced coccidiosis in commercial quail
Authors: Razzaq, A.
Rabbani, A.
Kamran, A.
Source Title: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (Pakistan)
Publication Date: 2001
Subject: L73 - Animal Diseases
Record Code: 1820
Contributor address: Arid Zone Research Centre, PARC, Quetta
PARC Contributor: Abdul Razzaq
Collation: v. 4(6) p. 567-568
Collation notes: 3 tables, 18 ref.
Identifier: ISSN: 1812-5735
Document type: Article
Language: (En)
Keywords: QUAILS
Abstract: The comparative efficacy of vaccination and medication against induced coccidiosis in commercial quail was investigated. For this purpose, 150 days-old quail (Cotumix cornix japonica) chicks were divided into five groups; Group A served as control, group B was kept as infected control, group C and D were administered locally prepared and an imported vaccine (coccivac) respectively and not treated with any medicine, group E were medicated with Salinomycin (6 percent ) on the appearance of clinical symptoms and OPG (Oocyst excretion per gram of faces) of the infected birds. No oocyst was seen in the dropping of group-A chicks throughout the experiment. The group B chicks had the highest (P greater than 0.05) OPG count (108200±734), while lower OPG count in group C (32310±734), D (13580±734) and E (10670±734) after induction of infection, the highest peak being in the 3rd week post-infection. No mortality was observed in group A while highest mortality (30 percent ) was recorded in the infected group B and lower in groups C (10 percent ) and group D (6 percent ). Mortality was highest in all the infected groups in 3rd week after the infection was induced. The birds in group A and D attained highest weight gain (110 and 105g, respectively). The post-mortem lesion observed were swollen intestine, petechial haemorrhages on the wall of intestine, and dehydrated liver and lungs in the infected carcass.
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